Valentine’s Day Swans

2 feb

Last year I took a photo of this beautiful pair of swans on the lake in the park at the back of my home, where they lived and produced young each year.

This is a sad picture, because unfortunately people visiting the park had been feeding these swans (and the other water birds) with large amounts of bread. Too much bread isn’t good for anyone! …and definitely isn’t good for swans. Rather tragically there is now only one swan on the lake. The other swan died, apparently of botulism, due to the volumes of bread thrown into the lake – not all of which was eaten, but instead rotted in the water.

It brought me up short when I heard this had happened, as it seemed that kindness on this instance really had killed.

Keeping love alive isn’t always easy. We can easily get carried away with indulgent thoughts and actions. We need to think as well as feel, and when we make a mistake (which is inevitable) we need to learn quickly and change for the future.

Love is expressed in many forms – through family, friendships, colleagues, comrades, lovers, and of course the Divine source of love itself (however we perceive that).

I believe love is the purpose of life….and the lesson.  Love is costly and sometimes painful, but we cannot truly life without it.

I don’t know if the remaining swan can find another mate – I hope so…..


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