Moving Beyond the Words

This website seeks to support a link between the Christian experience of church worship with the material of daily life experience, via the mindful use of liturgy and nature.

We are embodied beings, loved by God and in need of a deeper sense of healing for the brokenness and loss that we all experience.

We’re all in this together!

Beyond-the-words is about finding ways to celebrate life and to live well, as we express the potential available in the love of Christ.

Nature springs anew each year, yet brokenness is everywhere. Human choices affect every being, and sadly unloving choices have affected our planet to a point of nearly no return. But as with nature, hope springs anew. There is always hope in the risen Christ, but how can we know this enough to truly trust in the guidance and power of his love?

Moving beyond the words we may find deeper sense of connection, we can come to know ourselves better, and know ourselves healed as we allow the love of God to spread through us and into that what we touch in our everyday lives.

Sometimes it takes courage to step beyond the words into the adventure of life, into the place of where our faith can become our authentic lived experience. My presentations are all about finding ways towards that embodiment of life in all its fullness.


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